D-Day & The Normandy Campaign

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Wilmington headline on morning of June 6th 1944

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Wilmington Infantry Men Killed in Normandy 1944: 

Six killed on D-Day

Dobek Walter.pngPolster FranklinDonoghue Screenshot (665).png Screenshot (709).png

Walter Dobek. 21. 112 N. Harrison. St Hedwig’s Parochial School.  Bond Manufacturing Company. Private. 146th Engineer Battalion. Killed clearing anti-boat obstacles on Omaha Beach to pave the way for the landings of the 1st and 29th infantry division

Franklin J. Polster. 25. 520 W. 8th St. Wilmington High School. Manager of Cigar store, 10th and Market. Private. 29th Infantry Division. Killed on  Omaha Beach, D-Day.

Charles N. Donoghue. 28. 706 S. Franklin. St Elizabeth grade school. Galloway Transport Company. Sergeant. 746th Tank Battalion.  Killed on D-Day during landing at Utah Beach.

Walter S. Brinton.  26.  12 Buena Vista St. Pennsylvania Railroad. Private, 1st Class. Killed on Omaha Beach, D-Day while serving as communication man, Company A, 116th regiment, 29th Division.

Stephen MacGregor. 38. 600 block Concord Avenue.  Captain, US Army.  Killed on D-Day while serving in charge of the 461st Amphibian Truck Company.  20 years in military.

William Verderamo. 29. St. Mary’s Parochial School. AI Dupont Estate. Corporal, 1st Infantry Division. Killed on Omaha Beach, D-Day.

Screenshot (1001)

Yet D-Day was just the first day….

Oboryshko.png  Rucinski Edward.png  Melda FrankGreenfield JohnPiatrowski.png

Stephen Oboryshko. 505 E. 8th. Pennsylvania Railroad. Technician 5th grade, 5th Ranger Division.  Killed in action in France on June 7th 1944.

Edward J. Rucinski. 29. 1209 Linden St. Allied Kid Company. Private 1st class, 4th Infantry Division, 12th Infantry regiment.  KIA  near Utah Beach June 9th 1944.

Frank Melda.  27. 845 Tatnall. Belanca Aircraft Corp. Corporal, 49th Engineers Batallion KIA after hit by shrapnel near St. Marie Du Mont, France June 10th 1944.

Albert J. Chalmers. 30. 2214 Jessup.  Warner Jr High School. James Watson & Sons Company. Private Rangers – Army.  Newspaper reports: “He was well known in hunting and fishing circles and had a notable gun collection.”  Killed in in France June 10th 1944.

John S. Greenfield. 30. 320 W. 35th St. Private first class, 29th Infantry Division. Killed in action “while serving as an expert machine gunner” in France June 16th 1944

Edward J. Piotrowski. 19. 135 6th Avenue St. Hedwig’s Parochial School. Sheet Metal Contracting Company. Private, First Class, 90th Infantry Division. Killed in action near Cherbourg, France June 17th 1944.

Capano.pngSosik Peter.pngBalick Nathan .pngMiller.png Screenshot (1392)

Charles P. Green. 28. 1214 West St. KIA June 19th at Omaha Beachhead while serving with the Amphibious Corps on an LST.  Employee of Dupont Company.

Mario J. Capano.  20. 521 Dupont St.  Private First Class, 29th Infantry Division. KIA in France June 25th 1944

Peter Sosik.  27. 1010 Kirkwood. Grocery store clerk.  Private,  Infantry Army. Survived invasion of North Africa and Sicily. Killed in France on June 26th 1944.  Part of first class of draftees from Wilmington in January of 1941.  Wounded in North Africa but returned to action.

Herman Cohen. 25. 312 W. 8th St. Neisner Department Store. Sergeant 4th Infantry. KIA in France June 27th 1944.Company C, 22nd Regiment.

Nathan Balick.  24. 17 W. 38th St. Wilmington High School. Allied Kid Company. Private 1st class Army. Killed in France July 11th 1944.

Robert A. Wescoat. 30. PS Dupont High School. Private 1st Class. 328th Transportation company.  KIA on July 19th when ship transporting unit from England to France was sunk in the English Channel.

Robert L. Gamble. 29. Dupont Road, Elsmere.  Private, US Army.  Worked pre-war at NVF Factory, Maryland Avenue.

John Bukowski.  31. 1613 Lancaster.  Brown Vocational High School.  Plumber.  Private 9th Infantry Division.  KIA in France July 21st 1944.

Peter A. Bianco.  30. 409 W. 3rd St.  Dupont Company, Wilmington shops.  Private,  First Class 90th Infantry Div.  KIA in France July 23rd 1944.

Seymour Miller. 24.  1508 PA Avenue.  Swathmore. Miller Furniture Brothers.  1st Lt,  83rd Infantry. KIA at St. Lo on July 25th 1944.

Cecill C. Husfelt.  31 Private 1st Class, 9th Infantry Division. KIA in France  at La Chapelle-en-Juger near St Lo, July 25th 1944.

Screenshot (1030)

Husfelt Cecil.png Foley James.png  Usilton William .pngLisansky.pngPancoast.png

James N. Foley. 23. 2307 Tatnall St. Harlan & Hollingsworth. Private, 29th Infantry Division. KIA by shrapnel wounds in France August 3rd 1944.

William F. Usilton.  26. 813 W. 34th. Wilmington High School. Pusey and Jones. Private, 2nd Infantry Division. KIA at Lamiodiere, France while serving with an Ordinance unit on August 3rd 1944.

Robert Lisansky. 25. 837 Kirkwood St.  PS Dupont High School.  Employed at father’s store, Miller’s Market.  Private, 28th Infantry Division. KIA at St. Lo in August 7th 1944.

Screenshot (772)

Roger S. Pancoast.  26.  1306 Clayton St.  PS Dupont High school – Junior at University of Delaware. Staff Sergeant,  695th Field Artillery.  KIA while on duty as liaison officer with an armored Field Artillery regiment  in France August 7 1944.

William I. Smith. 19.  Sergeant, 34th Infantry Division.  KIA in France August 8th 1944.

Barnes Robert.pngCrossland Philip.pngMorello Nicholas.png Screenshot (894) Screenshot (1397)

Fred E. Harvey. 31. New Road, Elsmere. Veteran of Tunisia, Sicily and Italy campaigns. Graduate of Wilmington High School.  KIA on August 9th 1944 in France. Technical sergeant, Army.

Robert E. Lee.  Private,  First Class,  28th Infantry Division.   Killed in France on August 10th 1944.

Carl H. Dorschel. 31. 1100 block 5th St. Lt. Wilmington High School. Temple University.  Killed in combat in Southern France, August 16th 1944.

Screenshot (896) Screenshot (897)

Robert L. Barnes. 22. 18 W. 23rd St.  PS Dupont High School.  Hercules Experimental Station. Sergeant 9th Infantry Division. Killed in France September 1st 1944 while serving as leader of a machine gun unit. Had only been inducted into military 7 months earlier.

Frank C. Nicely. 27. 7th & Lincoln. Killed in action in France September 1944.

Clifford Hook. 29. 2900 W. 2nd. Killed September 8th in France. Part of “Tank destroyer division.”

Philip E. Crossland.  30. 804 E. 17th. Harlan Plant/ Bethlehem Steel. Private,  29th Infantry  Division. Killed in France September 15th 1944.

Nicholas V. Morello.  21. Wilmington High School ’41’ Bellanca Aircraft Corp. Private 1st Class, 35th Infantry Division, 3rd Army. Killed in France September 17th 1944.

Screenshot (1029)

McGrath Joseph .pngCrisconi Rocco Bryner.png Marker Watson.png

Joseph T. Harris.  2600 block W. 18th. Wilmington branch of Clover Dairy Co of Philadelphia Private 2nd Infantry Division. KIA  in  BrestFrance on September 18th 1944.

Joseph A. McGrath.  31. 515 Jefferson St. Elizabeth Elementary School. TT Weldin Co – welder. Private 1st Class,  35th Infantry Division. KIA at Rechicourt, France  “while acting leader of his squad and serving with a crack Infantry division of the 3rd Army.”

Roland E. Bullock. 35. Rodney Court Apartments. Dupont Company. Killed on September 25th 1944 while serving in the Infantry in France.

Watson Marker. 24. 500 W. 5th St. Bancroft Company. Killed in action in France September 27th.

Rocco J. Crisconia  Jr. 29. 233 N. Harrison. Allied Kid Company.  Corporal, 90th Infantry Division. KIA in France on September 28th 1944.

Frederic W Bryner III. 19. 524 E. 4th St.  Wilmington High School. Pusey and Jones CO. Private First Class, 45th Infantry Division. KIA in France October 1st 1944.

Zabarowski Thomas.png Lewis Walter.pngSchoenberg Norm.pngWroten Wallace.png  

Thomas J.Zaborowski. 31. 110 Logan. Allied Kid Company. Private, 45th Infantry Division, KIA in Southern France October 17th 1944.

Walter H. Lewis.  20. 408 N. Union. Electric Hose and Rubber Company. Private First Class, 45th Infantry Division. KIA in France October 20th 1944.

 Norman Schoenberg.  22. 402 Tatnall St. Wilmington High School. Private 1st Class, 71st Infantry Division.  KIA in Luneville, France October 23rd 1944.

Wallace S. Wroten Jr. 19. 181 Brandywine Blvd. PS Dupont High School ’43.’ Sergeant , 26th Infantry Division. KIA in France October 24th 1944.

Harry Hitchens.  29. 911 Adams St. Dupont Company – Carney’s Point Technician. 26th Infantry Division. KIA in Moncourt France October 26th 1944.

Flaherty Edmund.pngCondiff Calvin.pngCantanelli Francis.pngHajec Joseph .png

Edmund M. Flaherty Jr. 19. 2512 W. 17th St.  Tower Hill School. Private 1st class,  36th Infantry Division. KIA in Biefontaine France October 29th 1944. Had only been inducted ten months earlier.

Calvin Condiff.  22. 633 Springer St.  Mt Pleasant School.  Bond Manufacturing Co. Private, 48th Infantry Division. KIA in France October 31st 1944.

Francis P. Cantanelli.  25. 1411 W. 3rd St. Taxi driver. Killed by sniper, Northeastern France October 31st 1944.

Joseph C. Hajec.  26.  Hedgeville. St. Hedwig’s Parochial School.  Allied Kid Company.  Sergeant, 26th Infantry Division. KIA in Marville France November 10th 1944.

Reid Thomas .pngMoore LeRoy.png Skrzec John.png McLaughlin Jerome.png Screenshot (877).png

Jacob L. Silver. 28. 3107 Van Buren. Diamond Chemical Company and Supply. Private, 26th Infantry Division. KIA in Loraine France November 12th 1944.

Thomas G. Reid. 20. Silverside Rd. AI Dupont School. Private 1st class, 44th Infantry Division. KIA in France November 13th 1944.

LeRoy G. Moore.  24. 923 Gilpin Avenue.  Eastern Malleable Iron Company. Private 1st Class, 26th Infantry Division. KIA while serving as a cook in an infantry unit of the 3rd Army in France November 15th 1944.

John J. Skrzec. 24. 28 6th Avenue.  Wilmington High School. Private, 33rd Signal Battalion.  KIA while attempting to fix a power line as part of construction battalion in France November 19th 1944.

John S. Smith. 35. 401 W. 24th St. Wilmington High School. University of Delaware. Captain, 103rd Infantry.  KIA at Steige Pass, France directing tank fire against German machine-gun positions on November 27th 1944.

Paul A. August. South Claymont Street. Private, Infantry. Killed in action in France December 2nd 1944.

 Jerome F. McLaughlin Jr.  19.  702 Van Buren St.  Wilmington High School.  Private 1st Class, 94th Infantry. KIA from severe shrapnel wounds of the spine at Fay, France December 18th 1944.

Corbin Samuel .pngTaylor James.pngEverett Ross.pngScreenshot (915)

Samuel Corbin.  21. 327 E. 7th St.  Howard High School. Cabinet maker at Feinberger Furniture Store. Private, Army. Killed in action in France December 19th 1944.

James H. Taylor.  19. 631 E. 8th St. Howard High School. Pennsylvania Railroad. Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps. Killed in action in Rheims France December 21st 1944 while serving with an ordinance company.

Joseph J. Kwiatkowski. 25. Hedgeville. Sgt. Army. Died on December 21st 1944 at a military hospital of wounds received in France in October.

Ross L. Everett. 34 505 N. Broom.  Warner Jr high school.  B&O Railroad. Sergeant, 45th Infantry Division. KIA in France December 27th 1944.

The Breakout into Belgium, Holland and Germany:

Screenshot (913) Currier Robert S.png Johnson Earl.png

Walter D. Cooper. 21. 1801 Delaware Avenue. Wilmington High School. Tree surgeon. Killed in fighting September 1944 at Arnhem as part of Market Garden. Had jumped into Normandy on D-Day.

Robert S. Currier. 25. 2302 Harrison St. Warner Jr High School. 1st Lt, 82nd Airborne Division. Survived landings at Anzio and North Africa. KIA in Holland September 1944 as part of Market Garden.

Earl G. Johnson. 2512 Bowers. Sun Shipbuilding Co, Chester. 377th Parachute Regiment. Jumped into Holland as part of Market Garden. Killed September 19th 1944.

LeVan Joseph Girard .pngNeugebauer.pngBarbieri

Francis L. Brown. 23. E. 40th St. 2nd Lt. Died of wounds in Germany on September 27th 1944 while serving with Headquarters company, 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry.

Joseph Le Van. 24. 204 W. 7th St. Private 1st Class, 7th Armored Division. KIA in Holland October 29th 1944.

 Arthur J. Girard Jr.  29. 1319 West St.  Allied Kid Company. Sergeant, 8th Infanty Regiment.  KIA in Belgium November 26th 1944.

 John J. Neugebauer.  29. 1931 W. 4th St. Wilmington High School. Dupont Company – Deepwater Plant. Staff Sergeant, 9th Infantry Division. Killed in Belgium September 6th 1944.

Anthony J. Barbieri.  21. 1834 W. 5th St. Bayard Jr High School.  Dravo Corporation. Private 4th Infantry Division. Killed in Germany September 17th 1944.

Recchiuti Louis.pngBell James.pngReynolds Austin .pngWolson Morton .png

Louis B. Recchiuti.   20. 1741 W. 5th St. Brown Vocational High School.  Dravo Corporation. Sheet metal worker.  Private,  84th Infantry Division.  Killed November 30th 1944 in Germany.

Robert, W. Eckman. 25.  1701 Broom St.  PS Dupont High School. University of Delaware.  Dupont Company.  Private, 4th Infantry. Killed at Hurtgen Forest in Germany on December 4th 1944.  Had only been in Army 6 months.

James H. Bell.  1117 Kirkwood. Mt Pleasant and AI Dupont schools. American Car and Foundry Co.  Private, 405th Infantry.  Killed in Germany November 23rd 1944.

Austin L. Reynolds.  35. 1005 Scott. Private 1st class. 1st Infantry Division. Killed in Germany November 24th 1944.

Morton T. Wolson. 19.  2303 Baynard Boulevard. Private, 1st class 87th Infantry Division.  Killed in Germany December 17th 1944.

Tuschinksi .pngDresh CliffordHigman Robert.png Screenshot (959).png Screenshot (958).png

Richard L. Swearer.  25. 6 E. 15th St. PS Dupont High School.  Hercules Powder Company. Staff Sergeant,  102nd Infantry Division. Killed in Germany November 24th 1944.

 William J. Tuschinksi. 28. 109 S. Adams St. Hedwig’s Parochial School.  Dupont – Wilmington Shops. Staff Sergeant, 8th Infantry Division. Killed in Germany December 1st 1944.

Frank J. Lapkiewicz. 1100 block Maple. Killed December 6th 1944 in England of wounds from combat at Durboslar Germany while serving in the Infantry.

Howard W. Hill. 224 W. 14th. Private 1st Class, Army. KIA in Germany on September 1st 1944 while serving with Company K, 335th Infantry, 84th Division.  Won Bronze Star.

Leon T. Hedley. 24. 228 Clayton. St. Thomas Parochial School. Private, 102nd Infantry Division.  Killed in action in Germany December 1st 1944.

Cliftord A. Dresh Jr. 19 Brown Vocational High School. Employee at  Joy Gas Station – 28th & Market.  Private, 83rd Infantry Division.  Killed in Germany December 11th 1944.

 Robert Higman.  25.  847 Clayton St. Bond Manufacturing Co. Private,  First Class 2nd Infantry Division. Killed in Germany December 18th 1944.

Zygmund J. Rafalski. 100 Logan St. KIA in Germany on December 31st 1944 while serving in the Engineering Corps.

NEXT:  Battle of the Bulge and Into Germany

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