About this project

This website features much of the research for a book project dedicated* to the 400+ Wilmington Delaware residents who lost their lives during the Second World War.  My aim is to tell the story of how the unexpectedly high casualties  of the War shocked the city and changed so many families forever and to ensure that the Greatest Generation’s sacrifice and achievement will never be taken for granted.

See the below links for those City residents who made the ultimate sacrifice by campaign:

The Pacific: 1941-1945
Killed in line of duty, non-combat
North Africa & Italy campaign 1942-1945
Naval and air war vs Germany 1942-1945
D-Day and Normandy
Battle of the Bulge & Into the 3rd Reich 1944-1945
Contact Information and Speaking Engagements

Nathan Field, Memorial Day 2019

Summer 2019 UPDATE:

*I am expanding this research as part of a book project and am  interested in interviewing anyone who:

(1)   is a WW2 veteran
(2)  reading any letters, diaries etc that anyone might have that might shed light on Wilmington & DE during WW2 (can be as discrete as requested)
(3) talking with anyone who remembers Wilmington during the War

(4) I am especially interested in speaking with anyone who knew directly any US service members from Northern Delaware (but from anywhere too) killed during the War  as younger siblings, their children, cousins, neighbors etc.  This also includes relatives who were born after the War and can speak to how their families were impacted not only in the immediate aftermath but through the present. 

Any interviews could be on or off the record as desired.  Please email me at nathan.r.field@hotmail.com to get in touch.